Study Skill Series: How do I prepare for class?

by Robert Craig, University of Bristol Law School

[The introduction to the series can be found here]

Preparing properly for synchronous sessions is essential for them to be useful for you and for others in the seminar – please make the effort to engage actively with your peers and academic tutor for both seminars and consolidation sessions. It is impossible to take any meaningful part in seminars without doing a significant amount of prereading and thinking before class. Going to seminars with insufficient preparation tends to be quite stressful for most people because it is quite hard to follow what is going on if you are not on top of the materials. (more…)

Study Skills Series: An Introduction

by Robert Craig, University of Bristol Law School

Picture by Jason Tong

 Welcome to the first in this series of short blogs on how to make the best use of your time as a law student. It aims to cover a number of topics and was originally written for my first year public lawyer students: