Introduction to a blog series on the post-pandemic effect: New opportunities for social and sustainable development?

By Dr Jule Mulder, The Law School, University of Bristol

This series of blogposts emerged from the 14th Legal Research Network Conference hosted by the University of Bristol Law School on the 15th and 16th of September 2022.  [The Legal Research Network Conference.] The conference focused on the post-pandemic effect and potential opportunities for social and sustainable development. Contributors were invited to explore the Pandemic and consider what we can learn from experience during the Covid crisis exposing structural vulnerabilities in industrialised societies and how this provides opportunities for social and sustainable development.

The annual LRN conference aims at creating a stimulating research environment and a common space for PhD and early career scholars to present and discuss international oriented legal research with more senior colleagues. All blog posts are drafted by PhD and early career scholars, many of which are at a very early stage of their research. As such, their contributions are often focused on what should be explored further and explore a range of issues, with the move towards digitalisation dominating many of the discussion.

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